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Talking Therapies

'I believe that we were all born with a perfect sense of who we are and what we are.'

Eleanor offers talking therapies to help you remove obstacles to work towards healing, transformation and personal growth. She draws on a range of therapeutic styles and weaves EFT, Emotion Code, Meditation and Hypnotherapy and intuitive practises into her work to support, deepen and enhance the client journey. She also develops and runs workshops to facilitate healing, growth and recovery from trauma. Eleanor is a trauma informed therapist with the additional capacity to recognise and work with your attachment style to help you break free from whatever stands in your way and move towards greater personal freedom and to fully embrace your soul’s purpose. 

'Potential patients will be hard-pressed to find a more empathetic counsellor who listens to what you have to say and provides you with the insight that will allow you to grow in the direction that is best for you.'

Services Offered 

- Counselling face to face 50 minute consultations 

- WalkEase - a tailored Walk and Talk therapy 50- 90 minute consultations 

- Emotional Freedom Technique 40- 50 minute consultations

Events Eleanor runs

- Envisioning Workshop

- Recognising the Narcissist 

- Recovering From Abusive/Narcissistic  Relationships

- Cacao Ceremony Retreats

Exploring Forgiveness
Exploring Ancestral and Generational Trauma

Eleanor Pool

07847 937309