Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a Japanese word for “universal life force energy which nourishes and sustains all living things. When it’s flowing freely, we experience a state of wellbeing. A Reiki practitioner channels energy to the client by placing their hands on or near various places on the body, usually working with the chakra system. Reiki can help you with many issues such as stress, anxiety, PTSD, pain, depression, insomnia and is a very supportive treatment to assist during life’s difficult times.

With Tuning Fork Therapy

Sarah incorporates Tuning Forks into her Reiki Sessions to enhance the healing experience

½ hour - £20

1 hour - £35

Sarah Shivani Williams

07817 557570

Angelic Reiki with Angel Card Readings

Eleanor provides this very gentle and beautiful service. She guides you to connect to a higher energy and encourages healing while the Angel cards provide guidance and inspiration.

Eleanor Pool

07847 937309

Reiki for Adults, Children & Babies

Catheryn provides Reiki for Children and Babies as well as Adults.

30 minutes - £20

1 hour - £35

Children under 16 (up to 30 mins) - £15

Catheryn Sheppard

07768 808658

Reiki with Head Massage

Experience a deeply healing session with Reiki and a short head massage with Sue

50 mins - £40

Sue Adams

07712 590897