Colorful Crystal

Chakra Dance

Chakra dancing is a beautiful heart centred workout for the mind, body and soul. No prior dance experience is necessary for this course. Anyone who loves to move their body to music, is willing to express their creativity and be guided by their natural rhythm should give this unique therapy a try. Music and movement have long played an integral part in the human “psyche”. Chakra dancing brings us home to our roots, honouring our self expression, self awareness, self empowerment, freedom, liberation and happiness. 

 Each 75 minute session will work through the seven energy centres that run along the spine, which stimulates the natural energy or chi found in our bodies. We close our sessions with a creative meditation to relax and unwind. 

Please wear loose fitting clothes, a bottle of water, a yoga mat/cushion/blankets to lie down on for the creative meditation. 

Charlotte Butler


£10 - 90 minutes