Golden Chakra

Aura Energy Massage/Chakra Balancing

A practical non-hands on massage. Collectively working on the clients own auric field and detecting any imbalances in the energy field and in turn creating balance and alignment. A very intuitive form of healing. 

Chakra healing can be defined as a process aiming at influencing how energy moves through the chakras of the human body. It is often referred to as chakra balancing  because its goal is to restore the optimal balance between the energy centers.Balancing Chakras & Aura  means to release the tension  and allow the energy to freely flow through it again. Chakra Balancing can either have a momentarily or permanent effect. Often during daily life, Chakras become “unbalanced” in the sense that agitated thoughts, emotions, and feelings cause the Chakra to contract and overload, by which the life-force and inner flow of a Chakra are hindered.

£30 - 60 minutes

Charlotte Butler