Bottles of Essential Oil


The use of aromatherapy oils for relaxation and medicinal uses goes back as far as 5,000 years to the ancient Egyptians and were also used in their ritual embalming ceremonies.  The Greeks developed the use of oils for pharmaceutical uses.  The use of oils for more pleasurable purposes really took off with the Romans with their bathing routines. The benefits of Aromatherapy are numerous, including calming, relaxation purposes through to more medicinal advantages such as use for menopausal symptoms and depression. With the completion of a questionnaire I am able to suggest and advise on the correct oil blend so my client can really benefit from this incredible therapy.

Pauline Brown

07801 705448

Back, Neck, Shoulder

£35 - 45 minutes



Spire Hill Farm, Thornhill, DT10 2SG

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